About Us

Who We Are?

To complete the healthy habits we launched our premium quality Olive oil, which is made with the finest olives.

Our Apiaries are located in Sinai, Egypt. Our location guarantees the best quality Sidr Mountain Honey and all other honey products. Also play a great role in the quality of our Olive Oil

Our Honey is specifically made for those who want to take an extra step towards their
health as some of our honey is mixed with different ingredients that boosts health and
strengthens the immune system.

Zaynshop is an Egyptian company that sells elite organic honey that comes in many 
different flavors and filled with various benefits, we also sell pure beeswax and Olive oil

All of our product range is 100% Organic
and regularly tested at the Egyptian Ministry of health.
Moreover, Zayn Honey complies with specification number 355 for year 2005 and 1546
for year 2011.

About Us

Zayn Honey was founded in 2020,
it is a company under Yehia Salah Group.
We are dedicated to tailor the perfect jar of Honey,
So we can Provide a royal product to the world.

Our Mission

 To deliver the healthiest and tastiest
 Jars of Honey to our Customers.

 Our Vision

We aim to become a socially conscious supplier of 
premium honey worldwide.